Friday, 12 June 2015

Rule #209: Driving slow in the fast lane

If you're in the slow lane driving faster than the posted limit, you get pulled over and ticketed for speeding. If you're in the fast lane driving slower than the limit, you just annoy everyone around you. If there’s ever a situation that could provoke road rage, it’s being held up by an ignorant motorist, pointlessly blocking the passing lane. It's much more dangerous than people think. Actually worse than left turn lollygaggers.There's more to it than just inconveniencing other drivers and making people late for dance recital or AA meetings or whatever people are on their way to these days. It's a major safety concern. Every lane change in a potential accident. If you're driving too slow in the fast lane, you're causing every driver behind you to execute a potentially dangerous lane change. Plus, when they get up beside you as they pass on the inside lane, the annoyed driver has to take their eyes off the road momentarily to give you an angry look and say "check out this dick".

In the new world, driving in the fast lane 1 kmh below the posted limit will result in a $100,000,000,000.00 ish fine.


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