Saturday, 6 June 2015

Rule #215: Loud commercials

 Goddammit! I've have had it with this! This is the reason I miss the first couple of minutes of my favorite shows. I'll be watching a program with my parents. Usually hockey or Big Bang or if my old man has his way... curling (whatever dude). Just when we're all belly laughing about Sheldon's latest hilarious escapade, it happens! Geico starts yelling at us! Now, I can avert my attention elsewhere for a few minutes until it's over but not my dad. No sir. So he starts rummaging around for the remote. Because the remote is always controlled by the elder of the tribe. After 10 seconds of
searching his crotch he starts with the orders. "Edna, where's the clicker box?"... "How do I know, you had it last"... "I thought I put it right there"... "Steven, did you move it?"... "Sure dad, I must have grabbed it when I was scratching your balls" actually at this point I'm in the kitchen finishing the dishes and geico is done and we're on to some feminine hygiene product ... "Oh, here it is"... then he pushes the wrong button and actually turns it up... "Turn it down! Geezus Gord!"... "I'm trying to, mate, there's more Goddamn buttons on this than.... than.... than... Oh there's the mute button...(clears throat)  Edna, how bout' a cup of tea?

Then the commercials are over and the whole process repeats itself in reverse and we're 5 mins into the show before the all elusive mute button can be deactivated again. I think the CRTC addressed this and passed some legislation. But I have yet to see a difference.

In the new world, T.V. commercials will be broadcast at the same (or lower) level as Happy Days or Three's company or whatever you kids watch these days.



  1. Nihlator aka Hot Trophy Girlfriend6 June 2013 at 09:58

    OMG...I dont think that there is a sole out there that can't relate to this scene! Very funny, I feel like I was sitting right there in the livingroom when that was going down! Thanks for the giggles!

  2. Very relatable hot trophy boss - i mean girlfriend! When my grandparents finally got rid of their big box tv with the channel knob and went digital, they didn't understand the remote. I helped them set up the tv when they first got it, and i was a tech genius in their eyes! One day, they sat on the remote and hit the mute button - had no idea what they had done, but only their genius granddaughter could fix this. They went weeks watching wheel of fortune and jeopardy in captioning (which was way to fast for great grandma to read) before i came for another visit - i was such a hero that day!


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