Thursday, 4 June 2015

Rule #217: Funeral processions

 Whenever I see a funeral procession, I think: "you must have been an A-hole in life and you just can't stop being an A-hole". Now that you're gone, you still find a way to piss me off. You were probably one of those left turn lollygaggers.

 I seriously cannot find a single reason to stop traffic to let a funeral procession go through. Everyone knows where the graveyard is. And it's not like the guest of honor has any critical appointments to make. I think they can wait for everyone to stop at a light here and there.

My hot trophy girlfriend just informed me that it's all about respect for the dead. I have to argue that respect for the dead was a lot easier before rush hour existed, therefore:

In the new world, we'll allow funeral processions BUT they will be restricted to take place between the hours of 2am to 3am. UNLESS you were one seriously cool dude!



  1. Your Hot Trophy Girlfriend is correct. It is all about respect. I think that unless you are driving an ambulance or fire truck you can take the time to show respect to the family and friends of the deceased. You are correct in saying the deceased is not in a hurry and could care less. Hopefully your family and friends get the same kind of respect when you're the one holding up traffic.

    Hot Trophy Girlfriend's Sister-in-Law

  2. Thanks for the insight, Liz. But there will be no procession for me. I'm getting embalmed and mounted over my kids fireplace.

    1. Too funny!! Your whole self or just your head?

      Hot Trophy Girlfriend's older brother's Much Younger Hot Wife


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