Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Rule #218: Incarceration

 We've already decided that a life sentence will be redundant in the
new world, but what about prison terms in general? It seems a tad, how do you say?...  "Fucked up" to me. Let's dissect it:
You commit a crime, say steal a car, go for a joy ride, total the car and get caught. So we put you in jail. Why did we lock you up? To rehabilitate you, so you don't do it again. What's the presumed outcome? You become a good, productive member of society, finally realizing the error of your ways. Excellent. The system worked.

 So now what? You've paid your debt to society, I guess. Or did you? What debt exactly did you pay? I don't consider sitting in a cell for a year on the tax payers tab "paying a debt" I think it's time to really pay back what you owe. First off, you owe someone a car. Secondly, you owe the tax payers for your rehab. Which, if we base it on a 1 year term in the joint, equates to about $96,360.00 clams or bones ($357.00 for federal prisoners $171 for provincial *average of $264 x 365 days = $96,360.00.) The cost to Joe taxpayer in Canada is incredible, topping out at over 4 billion dollars annually. As I believe all fees should be user based, it stands to reason that only the users of these fine establishments should pay for them. If I go to a resort in Mexico for a week, I pay for it myself. If you decide to spend some time in the San Quentin pen, you should also pay for that vacation.

In the new world, prisons will become a user based fees institution. Once released, the prisoner now owes all costs related to their crime back to the system and victims.


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