Thursday, 30 July 2015

Rule #161: Posing for pictures

Disclaimer: Some of the pictures in this post are barely relevant to the subject. But I added them because, well.... you'll understand when you see them. Please enjoy!

 I know sometimes you just want to gather up the whole family and get a nice pic together to hang on the wall. No one is ever going to care or want to see it, but whatever dude. It's justifiable. We've all done it.

 What I find annoying is when everyone is having a good time and something funny happens. Then someone is all like "OMG, that was so funny. I need a picture. Do that again". Then you have to spend ten minutes trying to reinact the funny, spur of the moment scene. All while it's being choreographed by the photographer. "You were over there. Hold your beer up higher. Now pretend your going to kick him".

 Or when everyone is having a good time and someone wants a picture of everyone having a good time. That's cool. Go over there quietly and take a picture and sit the fuck down. But no. Here we go again. "Look over here, I'm taking a picture of you having a good time". Well I got sour news for ya Jack. What you're actually taking a picture of, is me 30 seconds after I was having a good time. Because stopping what I was doing to look in that direction is not what constitutes a good time. If it was, I would have been looking there already. What's wrong with a picture of people having a good time naturally?

 Then there's the annoying people who just want to pretend they're having a good time. "Oh look at me, I'm making funny faces, standing on one foot with my fingers in the air cause' that's what I was doing when this picture just so happened to be taken without my knowledge".

Posing for pictures is a bummer, man. What's funny is the masterfully crafted photo bomb. This should be the new way. Instead of arranging everyone in the perfect order, people should surprise people for a picture and instead of yelling "say cheese" they should yell "photo bomb" and give everyone 2 seconds to arrange themselves. Yeah, I like it. It will result in a lot of spilled beers, but some pretty funny pictures.
Apparently cows are good photo bombers

In the new world, photo bombing will replace photo posing.



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