Monday, 27 July 2015

Rule #164: Doctors' handwriting

 How long do doctors go to school? 8, 9, 10 years or more? You can learn a lot in that time. Doctors study all kinds of sciences and biology, maybe even psychology. It must be very time consuming.
But in that many years of study, do you think it would be that difficult to slip in a one month course focused on PENMANSHIP? Jeezuz! C'mon! If my kids brought home schoolwork with that kind of chicken scratch I'd ground them. Either doctors are going to have to learn how to write, or cryptology is going to have to be a regular subject in the school curriculum.

 I always thought it was kind of funny but apparently doctors'
sloppy handwriting kills more than 7,000 people annually. It's a shocking statistic, and preventable medication mistakes also injure more than 1.5 million Americans annually. Many such errors result from unclear and illegible writing on some of the 3.2 billion prescriptions written in the U.S. every year. Part of the problem is our over dependency on medication and lack of nutrition, but it's still preventable. It seems such a remedial problem. Just sitting here I can think of numerous ways to fix this:

  •  Have your secretary write the script
  • Type it and print it
  • Or... write neater!

If we, the people can think of ways to fix this right off the top of our heads, imagine if a bunch o' smrt people actually tried to fix the problem.

In the new world, doctors will be required to be able to write at a grade 5 level or higher.


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