Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Rule #169: Investing

Financial investment in giant corporations. What better way is there to make money by doing nothing. Nothing except helping giant financial corporations make trillions of dollars by using any unscrupulous tactics possible. And we, as investors, can profit as well. with a clear conscience thanks to the magic of externalized investing.

No one would invest in a sweatshop that exploits children just make money, or support a company that clear cuts the land and pollutes the air and water for financial gain, would they? Of course
not. But do you investigate where all your invested money goes? I know I don't. Through externalized investing we can be supporting any or all of these activities and turn the other way and pretend everything is good without repercussion. The big investment firms that we give our money to send people all over the world to ensure they are investing in sound companies. Financially sound companies. I doubt that their checklist includes things like working conditions and environmental responsibility. The financial bottom line is what matters. That's what they're paid to do and they do it well. Every investor should be responsible for who they invest in. That's the only way to ensure everyone is treated fairly.
In the new world, it will be the responsibility of each investor to investigate the companies they invest in. If a company is found guilty of breaking laws that violate human rights or greatly diminishing our environment, each investor will share the burden of responsibility.


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