Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Rule #170: Greeting cards

 What a waste. Does anyone actually accept a card as a sincere offering of one's feelings. Unless a hand written note is included in the card, you might as well deposit that beautiful, bi fold feeling dispenser into the emotional chipper shredder. I don't buy cards for anyone. If I have something to say to someone, I say it. I don't need hallmark to express my thoughts for me. 
 Some people still feel it's necessary to give cards. When they are given to me, I accept them for the thoughtful offering they are and I pretend to read it with feigned interest. Then I say "Oh, that's so nice, thank you". Then I toss it at the earliest opportunity. I have always encouraged my kids to make me cards. They are the only ones I keep. And I have kept every one of them. They're great decoration for lockers and such.

In the new world, all greeting cards will be blank. They can have a nice picture on the outside, but the words will be your own.



  1. The difference between you and, oh, I'd say 99% of the human race is that you are able to form unique thoughts and ideas. But most of us need help in expressing individual opinions, and a 4$ piece of paper with sappy poems does it best...

  2. A beautiful greeting can convey a million messages through a few simple words and pictures. There are cards which have a humorous touch with funny words and pictures. TeddyBär XXL


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