Saturday, 18 July 2015

Rule #173: Sandwich bags

 If you use a lot of disposable sandwich bags in your house for lunches, I’ve got some good advice for you. Due to my extreme conservative nature and distaste for over consumption, I’m constantly looking for ways to reduce. This one has helped me reduce my sandwich bag consumption by at least 50%. I reuse every type of bag that comes in the house for sandwiches. Mostly chip bags and the cereal insert bags. When you think about it, your sandwiches are only stored in those bags for a few hours. Especially if you make your lunches in the morning before work or school.
 After a few basic calculations I have determined the average household (2 kids) spends approximately $40 on sandwich bags a year. Therefore, if you follow this advice, you just saved enough cash for a 24 case of your favorite local, non-premium, economy beer on sale. Every year. Your welcome! Also, we keep 800 bags per family from needlessly finding themselves into the landfill.
 The concept is easy. Eat a bag of chips (not pringles), save the bag. Finish a box of cereal, keep the bag. Empty a box of crackers... you get the picture. I don't even wash the fucking things. My sandwiches are usually peanut butter so a few cereal crumbs in my PB sandie don't matter a hill o' beans. You'll be surprised how many bags you collect.

In the new world, following this advice will cut down on sandwich bag consumption by 50% - 100%.


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