Thursday, 16 July 2015

Rule #175: Hippycrites

 Not to be confused with Hypocrites, Hippocrates or Hypocorism ...  Hipp.y.crite: is a brand new word created for use in the New World. Developed as a linguistic blend of the words Hippy & Hypocrite, this word is used to describe people who claim to be environmentally responsible (hippy), but ONLY when it's convenient (hypocrite) 

 A good example would be people who speak out about the atrocities of animal cruelty happening at Marineland. They tell everyone how awful it is to mistreat marine life that way. But then, their neighbour has tickets she can't use and offers them up. For free. The next sound you hear is the car doors slamming as they pile all the kids in the car so they can have abused mammals entertain their kids all day. All to the tune of the kids singing everyone loves marineland in the back seat. Hippycrite!

Travolta's estate with 2 of his 5 jets

Then we have the Al Gore's and Vinnie Barbarino's (John Travolta) of the world. Flying around the globe in private jets to preach the evils of climate change while living in gazillion dollar mansions creating as much CO2 emissions as a small city. Dubbed the "champagne environmentalists", the message is very much "do as we say, not as we do". The green scene seems to be littered with compromised, hypocritical celebrities living the over consuming American dream.
One of Al Gore's mansions

In the new world, Hippycrites will not be welcome.



  1. The same could be said about some who are conveniently religious......These people MUST be exposed!

    1. Hmmm... Religicrites? I gotta work on that one.

  2. Yes! Religicrites! The world is full of them!! One of the main reasons I have opted to stay away from churches.


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