Monday, 6 July 2015

Rule #185: Counseling

 People rarely brag about talking to a professional for psychological help.  Counseling has a stigma that people seem to be embarrassed of. I really don’t know why. Everyone, and I mean everyone needs someone to talk to occasionally. Have you ever talked to a bartender about how the old lady is getting on your nerves… you’ve just had a counseling session my friend. Or have you ever blathered on to a coworker about your boss… you’ve just had a counseling session my friend. We have no problem with these types of situations, but we have a problem seeking out actual professionals who are trained to offer advice.

 I can understand not wanting to say why you’re seeing a shrink.
For example, if you find yourself watching an 8 year old boy playing in a sprinkler and start thinking “Man, I gotta get me some of that” and then found yourself spending way more time that you should at the candy store, you definitely should be getting counseling, but maybe don’t mention it at the lunch table at work. Everyone should have to get counseling at least once as a preventative measure to discovering psycho’s.

In the new world, counseling will be deregulated so I can offer my services (I aint goin’ to school for no 4 years just to tell people what to do).


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