Thursday, 2 July 2015

Rule #189: Serving nachos

 The next time I order nachos and someone lays down a plate of shitty chips with some shitty cheese melted over them on a shitty little plate and tries to pass it off as nachos, I'm gonna snap. I'll lose it. There'll be chips n' cheese flyin' everywhere! I've had it with this bullshit! I equate it to spitting on my cupcake and calling it icing. Try to get away with that shit in Mexico. Serve that shit up to a Mexican and you'll find yourself decapitated with your head in a bag with 7 other heads looking at each other saying "why didn't I make a bit of salsa and add some peppers and some meat. And LAYER the cheese. Why didn't I LAYER the fucking cheese?!? 
To make matters worse, this usually happens in touristy areas where you're paying too much to begin with for overpriced watered down drinks! 
Well no more!

In the new world, if you serve me shitty nachos I'm gonna whack you, or off you, or whack you off!



  1. Good god b'y , was dat on da Rock where dat der happened ?!! Good for you, don't settle for less !!

    1. What was I thinking, asking Newfies to make me nachos eh? That's like asking a Mexican to make me cod tongues.


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