Sunday, 30 August 2015

Rule #130: Holding establishments accountable for drinking and driving

This is just another example of the self indulgent, irresponsible masses trying to deflect blame and suck upon the teet of society's 2-headed litigious whore mother...  "Greed and Avarice".

Here's a news flash for ya'.. "BARS SERVE BOOZE.. AND THEY HAVE LOTS OF IT.. ALL YOU WANT.. ENOUGH TO GET YOU INTOXICATED" So when you go there, plan accordingly. I know I do, because honestly, when I go to the bar, I don't go for one. I don't have the cognitive capacity to have just one of something I love when there's an abundance of it to be had. Then I either get a ride, walk, ride my bike, call a cab... So If you go to the bar and get hammered, then get in your car and drive hammered, guess who's fault it is.

  • The person who YOU hired to serve you drinks?
  • The person who you would have gotten mad at if they had cut you off?
  • The person who gave you exactly what you asked for?

Forget about it! It's your fault! So act like a big boy and take responsibility for YOUR actions. I don't blame anyone for the loss of my legs.. some Chinaman took them from me in Korea! ok, I was never in Korea and it appears I have both my legs. But you get the point.

 Now, having said all that (and looking back at it, it's pretty f'd up) I'm basing it on most experiences I have at bars. You order what you want. The game changes if the rules change. For example, if the bar you're at initiates a drinking contest or somehow entices you to drink more shots than you normally would, you have a case. I don't see this happen these days, probably due to the whole situation we're talking about. Otherwise, you're on your own. In a busy bar, how do you expect the waitresses to keep track of who has had what? These poor girls are running their asses off trying to keep everyone hydrated. There's no time to survey the crowd for individual consumption rates. Bouncers? Maybe, but it's still a lot to keep track of. And how long do you think the local speak easy's will stay open if we open the doors this kind of behavior. This is going to be a real problem in the most litigious country in the world.. The good ol' USofA! Look at the message we're sending our youth "Be totally irresponsible and when disaster strikes, blame someone else."

In the new world, blame for drunk driving will fall squarely where it belongs, on the drunk driver.



  1. That was probably the best opening for any article I have ever read. I don't consume much alcohol but I can see your point. Ridiculous law suits like these could open the floodgates. I could see a smoker who gets cancer suing the store that sold them the cigarettes. People need to take responsibility for themselves and not blame everyone else when they make stupid decisions.

  2. That opening actually took longer to get right than the rest of the article. Thanks for the nod.

  3. Amen. Although you can still do time for BWI, so don't drink and bike either.

    1. Actually drinking and biking is a bit of a hobby of mine. I like to drink and I like to bike so eventually they cross paths.


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