Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Rule #141: Well days

 I've said it before and I'll say it again: We put way too much emphasis on working. I don't want to create a society of deadbeats, but going to our meaningless jobs day after day sucks. We don't like doing it. There's so many other things we'd rather be doing. So calling in sick when we feel like crap just to lay around eating soup and watching Oprah seems unproductive and a waste of a free day. This is why we need "well days". These marvels of social advancement for the new world will be similar to "Sun days". Calling work and explaining that you will be unable to come to work today because "I feel way too good" will be a perfectly reasonable excuse.
You'll know when you need these days. It'll be when you get up before your alarm goes off and you arise feeling great. It's a beautiful morning and you think "There's no way I can go to work today, theres too much I'd rather be doing". So you make the call. "Hey boss, I'm not coming in today, I feel way too fucking good, see ya tomorrow"... Maybe. But these days will not be for sitting around doing nothing. You will be required to bring in documentation of how you spent your "well day". Like a huge bar tab or pictures of you doing something productive.

In the new world, we'll have equal numbers of well days as we do sick days.



  1. Oh hell yes. I'd vote for anybody that could bring this in.

  2. Only 140 days away brother.. Hang in there!


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