Saturday, 15 August 2015

Rule #145: Cell charges

  I hate getting ripped off! And so do you, I bet. It pisses me off when we get rooked because the rooker just feels they can get away with it. That's why I'll never go to Vegas. 12 bucks for a drink, whatever dude. Yet we allow this to happen. Why? At least we don't have a choice where death and taxes are concerned. One of the most blatant offenders of this are the cell phone companies. Does it really cost your service provider anything to give you call display? I'm thinking it's a matter of clicking the "add call display" button at the providers end. It's not like they have to type the name and number of every call into a display machine every time a call display customer receives a call. So why charge me 5 bucks a month for a one time service worth 16 cents? Because they can, that's why. It's part of the whole "screw everyone over for as much as you can" mantra we worship these days. I tell ya, I'm so frustrated with this attitude, I don't know whether to spit or cry.

  And I'm guessing my service provider doesn't need to charge for all these extras. Why do I think that? What makes me the option charge aficionado? Well, let me see. It appears my provider had enough spare change hanging around to BUY THE FUCKING SKYDOME! Ted's lucky he's dead, man. If he tried pulling this crap in the new world, there would be consequences and repercussions!
And what's with 3 year contracts? Is it really necessary? Don't answer that. Of course it's not. They're such bastards. Man, I want to punch them in the face so hard! But for now... 

In the new world, any useless pay for nothing fees will be waived!


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