Thursday, 13 August 2015

Rule #147: Rewards cards

 In the perfect storm of rewards cards any given collector savvy customer could produce no less than 18 rewards cards. That's eighteen swipes while the rest of us stand in line patiently waiting for our turn. Why should we be rewarded for shopping anyway. I punish my family for shopping (unless they're shopping for me).

 Whatever happened to the days when stores just put items on sale? Who has time to calculate how many points you have here or there and manage it? I only have 1 point card that I consider swipe worthy. The rest are just wallet wreckers.

And then there's the credit card that charges you a $125 fee BUT in exchange you get a billion points that's worth way more than the $125 investment. And when you call them to tell them you changed your mind and don't want the card they reply with "well you signed the card, sir". Whatever dude. So you buy a Bluetooth with the points (probably worth $20) which you lose at the grocery store anyway. THEN, you forget to cancel the card before the time limit and get charged another $125. So, now you're out $250 and all you got was a bluetooth that you gave away to an old man in the grocery store (I swear I saw an old dude with it stuck in his ear pretending to talk to people). If the points are so valuable, why don't you just give me the card for free and keep the points for yourself, you stupid French based bank! I bet this happens all the time.

In the new world, keep the points… show me the money!



  1. That's "unless THEY'RE shopping for me"...!!! There'll be hell to pay for grammatical errors in the New World, I hope...

    1. Grameritacal error? What grameritacal error?

  2. Snake will be forced to eat at an "all you can eat" buffet while watching a full baseball game.


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