Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Rule #149: Working

After 45 years on this planet and over 25 years in the work force I can confidently offer the following advice regarding working:
work less
Now, I know what you're saying "I can't do that. I gotta support my family, dude". Well let me put it another way...

 I've been on both sides of the fence. I've worked 11 or 12 hour days 6 or 7 days a week and I've worked 8 hour days 5 days a week. Guess which I enjoyed more? I internally cringe when I hear people say they work mega overtime hours because they need more money.

We don't need more money, we need less shit! Then there's people I really don't understand. The one's that tell you they can't retire because they need the money. Now, I can understand if you're younger than 60 and have no work pension. But I'm talking about people with pensionable jobs. They tell me they need the money to put their kids through school or pay for their weddings. Forget about it! Sure, your kids may come out of school debt free with a useless degree, but what about all the time you missed with them. What do you think they would rather have, a father who was always around to teach them things including how to look after themselves or zero debt and an absent father? If they choose the latter, their assholes anyway so let em' fend for themselves. And retiring with a pension? Receiving money for doing and investing nothing is a gazillion percent ROI. Any investor would bet on that.

  I was lucky enough to have great kids who actually wanted me to be around (at least they made me feel that way). Now, I know what you're thinking… "Well, you're pretty f'n awesome, Snake" and I dig that. I am pretty cool. As a matter of fact, sometimes I walk around the streets with my arms raised to the heavens saying "God, please show me someone who's as cool as me so I know I'm merely a mortal... please". But it just doesn't happen. It's no wonder my faith in religion is tarnished. Anyway, my daughter spent 4 years in university and I could only pay for half of it. She came out debt free by working hard and that good work ethic is going to carry her a long way.

In the new world, we will understand the benefits of working less.


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