Friday, 7 August 2015

Rule #153: There'll

So I says to my smokin' hot trophy girlfriend, I says, "how do you spell there'll?" She says "whaddya mean?" I says "Waddya mean?, whaddya mean?.., there'll!, how do you spell there'll?" She says "That's not a word". I says "you're fucking stupid, of course it's a word" I'm thinking, of course it's a word. It's a conjunction of "there will" like There's or you're. Makes perfect sense to me. There'll.
Well it turns out I was wrong. I couldn't believe it. How the hell could that not be a word? We have abbreviations and acronyms for pretty much everything, so why have we gone on all this time wasting letters and precious breathing air saying there will? There'll! It sounds so natural to me. I'm not alone on this one. Gord's got my back. Are you going to tell me that you're going to challenge Gordon Lightfoot? You know the song "Did she mention my name": "won't you say hello from someone there'll be no need to explain". Well at least Gord and I agree.

In the new world, there'll be a conjunction of there will. It'll be there'll. And if Gord and I are the only one's that use it, so be it!

YUP.. Gord and I on his birthday... no big deal!



  1. Is Gord on the left or right?

  2. Contraction, not conjunction.

    1. Well I'll be damned! Is conjunction even a word?


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