Thursday, 6 August 2015

Rule #154: Regulating the internet

 I have come to love the internet. It's a fantastic way to look for and share information, get in touch with family & friends, research information for free and eliminate all the books and paper we used to need. Originally, I wasn't a big fan. I guess because it was new and I didn't understand it so I was a-scared. But once I embraced the technology, I took full advantage.

  It has it's downfalls though. I kinda relate the internet to television. Maybe just because it's a square screen that transmits images. Television, however is highly regulated. Not correctly, though. I can't believe the crap they put on, while they cut the swearing out of good movies. The internet, on the other hand, is way too unregulated. To a certain degree we can trust regulating bodies like the CRTC to ensure our kids aren't watching porn on T.V. in the middle of the day. Type 4 letters in a search engine, hit click and your watching hard core sex or someone with their brains spread all over the road. Or even worse, someone preaching about worshiping an invisible man who lives in the clouds. There needs to be some kind of regulation.

  I know we have options to set up controls on our computers that filter out unrighteous content, but there are at least two big problems with that. First off, they don't always work that well. And what if my kid has to do a project on beavers for school? Then I have to unlock all the filters and we're wide open again. Besides, why is it up to me to prevent my kids from seeing something I
didn't ask for in the first place? That's like me putting up a huge billboard downtown with a picture of me butt naked dancing to "girls just want to have fun" (not that I've ever done that) and telling everyone to figure out how your going to protect your kids from seeing it (and trust me, aint no one wanna see that). Secondly, what if I want to search out something that might not be deemed 100% appropriate? What if I forget to reactivate the filters when I'm done? All this regulating should be done at the creators side, like T.V. If you want to view adult content, you should have to log into a secure part of the internet that is password protected. 

In the new world, the internet will be regulated so children are free to search images of things like beavers without being scarred for life.



  1. You weren't lying. We weren't naked when we were dancing around you're garage to Girl's just want to have fun.

    1. I never dance to "girls just wanna have fun"... (naked)


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