Sunday, 2 August 2015

Rule #158: Child beauty pageants

 Child beauty pageants, similar to sliced cheese, have been around for over 100 years. Phineas T. Barnum of circus fame, held a beautiful baby contest in the 1850s. I imagine it was harmless enough. Look at the little cuties and award a prize. I bet if we showed Barnum a video of a present day child pageant, he'd be all like "WTF"? I don't think you could even consider these events to be a catalyst to real beauty pageants. I consider it border line publicly supported child abuse on display.

 So, why do parents do it? Well it seems there's a condition called “Achievement by Proxy Distortion” (ABPD). Basically living vicariously through your child. It becomes a real problem when it develops into "pathogenic" ABPD. This is when the social and/or financial gains of the child’s achievements become the adults’ primary goals. Probably because mommy was a pageant princess once and wants her child to follow in her high heeled, big haired footsteps.
This is when the child's welfare becomes second priority. These kids spend endless hours working on hair, make-up and posture while the parents get them hopped up on pageant crack (Pixy Stix) so they don't lay down and wrinkle their dress or mess up their hair. And of course the kids can't be overweight, so they have to be on a strict diet. So they're starved, not only for genuine, loving attention but food as well. Some parents are even getting their daughters botox injections as early as eight years old. No wonder the world is in the shape it is.
 Imagine the world we could create if all the time spent on teaching these kids to be self absorbed, superficial barbie dolls was actually spent teaching them to be socially responsible. Hmmmm... just imagine it!

In the new world, Child beauty pageants will not exist



  1. Child beauty pageants irk me the wrong way. They need to be praising children for not wearing makeup and not wearing close way too skimpy for their age. Child beauty pageants should be focusing on the children, not the fake crap they put on. Its teaching them all the wrong things... and the parents are the ones I really want to smack in the face for doing this to their own children. How in the world is this beneficial to them at all? "Oh, its ok if she wears nearly nothing on stage in front of a bunch of people...its for a pageant." "Oh, botox is ok because its for a pageant." How about I just slap you in your face and you leave your kid alone. Can this crap not be seen as some form of child abuse??


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