Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Rule #100: Rules were made to be broken

When we hit our 100th rule back in April, we commemorated with a global anthem. This, too is a mile marker as we are 100 rules away from our New World. In honor of our achievement, I think it's fitting to address a key issue. Today we take a hard look at the old saying "Rules were made to be broken"..

.... Rules....... were made...... to be broken......... Hmmmm, Really? So you're into incest, rape, murder, thievery, tailgating? And I suppose you have no problem with your neighbour building a shed too close to your property line. Or his dog using your lawn as a shitter. I have to imagine this mantra was created by someone during a time of absolute conformity when people needed to rise up and create something different and dangerous. I picture the 40's or 50's when holding hands was reason to riot. Well that time is long past my friends and like many scribes of old, this one too has long since lost it's sheen. Not unlike how investment deregulation caused a monetary crash, moral deregulation is causing a moral demise of society and now requires regulation IE; RULES. Rules that are NOT meant to be broken.

In the new world, rules will be made to be followed, not broken.


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