Monday, 28 September 2015

Rule #101: Award ceremonies

And the winner is... Some pompous ass with delusions of humility.
 I still like the way the band "Godspeed you!" put it when they snubbed the Polaris awards gala.. "Holding a gala during a time of austerity and normalized decline is a weird thing to do" 
I couldn't agree more.

 I don't know the difference between a Grammy, Emmy, Oscar or any other over the top, pretentious awards show, but I do know the grammy's (originally called the gramophone awards) costs somewhere in the neighbourhood of $60 million dollars to put on.  In a world full of suffering and hardship, I find it fascinating we still find it necessary to glorify, worship and reward overpaid actors and musicians.
I love movies and music as much as anybody. But I don't understand why we pay actors so much. Nor would I bow before or praise any actor or musician. Sure, I'd blow my top if Jack Black showed up at the bar I was at and we decided to get hammered and piss off a bridge together somewhere. And If Jeff Bridges showed up at my door wanting to jam I'd invite him in, plug in his axe and get him a drink.
 But there's no reason to worship these people. Except maybe these 2 guys. And Brad Pitt of course. But that's it! I mean they're not all bad. Some are douchbags (Bono). Some are big douchbags (Bono). And some are ridiculously major douchbags (Bono). I've been waiting a long time to slam Bono.
The bottom line is, we treat these people like kings and queens as if they zhave worked hard to help move our world forward in some way. When really, they just pretend in movies or get high and record music. All the things I do in my spare time. I do respect what they do. It's just not worth gazillions of dollars, nor do I think they are to be worshiped or idolized and these awards shows are an extension of that whole mentality.
The great philosopher Homer J.Simpson may have been right when he said, "God only helps professional athletes and Grammy winners!" ... This mentality must go.

In the new world, extravagant awards ceremonies will be for people with real recognizable achievements. Not douchbags who give themselves one name and wear sunglasses everyday.


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