Friday, 25 September 2015

Rule #104: Goldfish bowls

 You know the kind I'm talking about.  The goldfish in a bowl has been one of the ‘first pet-experiences’ of choice for years. Just about everyone has had one. Unless, of course, your parents didn't love you enough to get you one. OR... perhaps they had the foresight to know it wasn't right. 
I'm talking about those little bowls that are barely bigger than my beer glass. We throw a little gravel in the bottom and a plastic plant then stand back and say "yeah, that looks just like the ocean." Then all that's left is the goldfish to do endless donuts trying to figure out which way is out and pray for an early death; which will come soon enough. I mean, what better way to teach your kids about death. Even though goldfish can live up to 20 years, you certainly won't have to wait that long. We teach our kids to kill them off in about a month or so through neglect and torture, sending them off to an all too early porcelain grave.
 Who's the aquatic ambassador that decided goldfish should be
the toy fish we give to kids or win at the fair or eat at Stag parties anyway? I ask you.. What did goldfish ever do to us, except be pretty and asked to be loved? Except those ones with the outside brains.. dem is ugly. But that's still no reason to abuse them. As if capturing these fish using methods such as cyanide fishing wasn't bad enough.

 The truth is goldfish need a lot of space. They also should not be kept alone for extended periods of time, as they are very social and love to interact with their fellow goldfish. Ever see a goldfish fight? Of course not. They're lovers not fighters.
keeping goldfish in bowls, vases or small tanks drastically reduces their life expectancy and quality, causes deformities, burns, stress-related diseases and they can even choke to death. In some countries, goldfish bowls are actually banned – and for a good reason.
Just because you can't cuddle a goldfish doesn't mean they should be treated as throwaway pets. At least they don't bark. Just like any other pet, they need space, a clean environment and company. In other words, their natural habitat.

In the new world, anyone who keeps a fish in a bowl will be charged with pet abuse.



  1. The bible will tell you in chapter 6:13:19 verse 21.6 that GOD intended for goldfish to be
    subservents to children under 7 and teach them about DEATH!! Atleast thats what I got
    out of it when I read it.

    1. Interesting. But in the new world, I will teach children about DEATH! Muhahahahahahaha!

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