Thursday, 24 September 2015

Rule #105: Cyclical consumption

  To quote the great George Carlin.. "Consumption is the new national pastime... Not too bright folks, not too fucking bright". He said it right! And he can deliver the message better than anyone. I see Cyclical consumption as the ugly red headed stepchild of over consumption. It's basically producing products that can only last long enough to continue our consumption cycle. Creating products that are built to last is just not profitable. As a matter of fact, without cyclical consumption, a monetary system would be impossible.
 If we only created products that we needed and lasted forever the monetary system would dry up. Efficiency, sustainability and preservation are the enemies of our economic system. Economic growth would cease and we would have.. hold your breath... no money. Ok relax, we have a shit-ton of money. We don't have clean air, water or good food. But we got mulah! So it's all good and the consumption cycle continues. For now.
Unfortunately our landfills are overflowing with the result of our mindless desire to consume. There are literally billions of cheaply made cell phones, computers and other technology filled with hard to mine materials such as gold and copper rotting in landfills.
 So the consumption cycle is damaging in more ways than one. First we have to create the products. Which means cutting down trees, burning fossil fuels, mining... etc, etc. Then we have to transport them and finally, throw the once loved marvel of technology away. Similar to finding a cure for cancer, there's no initiative to solve a problem that is so profitable.

In the new world, Rule #1 will ensure product manufacturers produce products that are environmentally and socially responsible.

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