Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Rule #106: Keeping appointments

 We make appointments for a reason. We have things to do, schedules to keep, yada yada yada... That's why we call ahead and pre arrange meetings with our doctor, lawyer, prostitute, dentist...etc for specific times. If time wasn't a concern, we could just walk into any establishment and say "Hiya', I'm here for a prostate massage" "That'll be a five hour wait sir" "No prob, I'll just wait over here, got nuthin to do all day".
I was musing over this with Buck at lunch yesterday. Yeah, that's
him in the picture practicing bad lunch etiquette. Apparently he didn't get the message when I wrote about his lunch manners previously. It's really hard for me. I'll be regaling him with a mega interesting story and BLLLLIIING! His hands move faster than a fart in a wind storm to see what his girlfriend's latest update is..., but I digress.
He was right to be pissed off about waiting at his dental appointment for 25 minutes while being ignored by the ignorant receptionist. The true injustice is that there is no accountability to the dentist (or doctor, lawyer, call girl, whoever..) for wasting our time. If we don't show up to an appointment, we get billed for it. If they waste our time, nothing. Buck should be able to bill the dentist for his wasted time. And his time is very valuable. Those cats aint gonna feed themselves.
Got yer back Brystal!

In the new world, if you have a dr. apt at 14:00, when the clock strikes 14:01 you have the right to get up, walk to the examination room, kick the door open and yell:
 "Doc, If you plan on leaving that finger where it is, then snap a glove on the other hand cause' you're about to start double fistin'!"
Or you can bill for your wasted time. Up to you.

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