Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Rule #107: Tent storage bags that are too small

  I think I just figured it out. All the tent companies have a deal with "Funniest home videos". Here's how it went down; A bunch of tv execs sitting in an oak trimmed office, sipping on cigars and puffing on scotch. The tent boys on one side... Candid camera execs on the other. The tv main negotiator stands up and exhales a puff of thick cigar smoke.
 The tent boys look at each other as if to say "WTF?" Then the
negotiator says... "Look boiiish, you make them tent bags shmall, shee? Reeeeeeaaal shmall! We'll have cameras set up in them camping trees. At the end of the weekend when everyones plenty hung over and tired and tryin' to cram them big ol' tents into them wee little bags, well.... it'll be a riot. A real smasharoony it will! We'll air it and have em rollin' in the aisles."
At this point the tent guys are all like "but sir, how are we gonna get the tents into those little bags to begin with?" Negotiator replies "That there is your problem. Just get it done and we'll pay you a cool million smackaroos, shee?" Tent guys (in unison): "DONE!"

Well, that's the way I see it. If anyone has any other theories, lemme know. But so far, that seems the most logical. What other reason could there be? Below is a picture of something my daughter bought for me for my birthday. It's for covering my knapsack on rainy days. But look at it. I'm trying to get it back into the bag and the bag is almost filled and the thing is only half way in there. The only reason I can think of is so people can laugh at me. They must have a right good laugh at my expense. Well I aint playin'!

In the new world, tents and similar items will come with storage bags that have plenty of room.



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