Saturday, 19 September 2015

Rule #110: Reverse parkers

 I try to back into my driveway everyday. My street is quiet. There's no traffic. However, if someone is following me, I opt out of the back in and drive straight in, out of courtesy for other drivers. This topic barely eludes the subject of parking lot etiquette due to the fact it can happen anywhere.
The drivers I'm talking about here, are the ones I have to deal with on a daily basis. I see it everywhere, but the parking lot at work is
the worst. No one wants to deal with at 5am. All I wanna do, is stop my car ASAP!.. Get out, not talk to anyone and get to my desk without incident so I can get a coffee into me before the bullshit starts. But too late! Commence the bullshit. Just as I'm zeroing in on a parking area, I have to stop in the middle of the aisle while the woma... er, I mean a person in front of me ignites those blinding reverse lights. Now you know what's coming and I'm thinking "why didn't I get a coffee before I got here?" She... er, I mean they start to back up, it looks good, but ooooo... didn't quite make it. So the white lights of ignorance are extinguished momentarily while the driver lines up for another try. This cycle repeats itself until they finally, successfully negotiate the skill testing reverse park. Instead of just driving to the next lane and executing the drive through park, of course. 

In the new world, reverse parking while holding up traffic will not be permitted.


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