Friday, 18 September 2015

Rule #111: Protesting Wal-Mart or any big box stores

 While watching the news the other day, I saw a story that reminded me of people who protest big oil companies. I heard there was going to be a protest at some new Wal-Mart grand opening. I've never seen any anti Wal-Mart protests, but as I'm thinking about it, I imagine the protest signs must read something like this:

"Enough with low prices"
"No more convenient locations"
"Down with great return policies"

 Listen, I don't like supporting giant, money eating conglomerates any more than you. But on occasion, I do find myself crossing the threshold of the almighty, giant big box stores when I need shoelaces and party straws. Where else can you get shoelaces, party straws and extra large condoms all under one roof? Think of how cumbersome small renovations would be if there were nothing but small ma & pa shops. We'd have to travel to Eddies electrical supplies to get an electrical outlet. Then drive to Peters paint shop for paint.
Then go to Harry's hardware shop to get a screwdriver, then off to the beer store. We'd get nothing done. Especially after you listen to Eddies arthritis problems, then hear how much Peter hates his wife and shoot the shit with Harry for a bit. That's the way things were. Then they changed. Why? Because WE wanted a change. I personally remember driving from store to store thinking "Why the fuck isn't there one giant store where I can get all this shit at one time?" Well like it or not I got what I wanted. Actually, We got what WE wanted.

Instead of protesting, I just avoid the giant box stores as much as possible. If there's no demand, they'll go away. However, as long as we feel a need to consume as much as possible, there will always be a demand. Ipso Facto... they will remain.
And think about this, where would we go to see those people of Wal-Mart?

  Protesting aint my style, but if I ever did decide to protest at a giant company, I think I'd choose Wal-mart. Imagine how convenient it would be; If you get thirsty, just run in and get a nice cheap drink. Or if the wind breaks your sign, you can just run in, hit the hardware dept and pick up some screws and repair items to make a new sign.

In the new world, we will protest with our actions. If you don't like oil extraction, don't use oil. If you don't like Wal-Mart, don't go there. If everyone agrees, the message will get through.


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