Thursday, 17 September 2015

Rule #112: Public hot tubs

 Or as I like to call them "Public cesspools of bacteria, disease, snot, piss, child diaper poo and some other unmentionable body excretions that I'll leave to your imagination". We don't like to talk about it, but c'mon.. you know it's there.
Especially if it's a tub that no one has any personal connection to. IE: PUBLIC. I have to be pretty hammered to get in a public hot tub. And on occasion, I've let my defenses down and hopped in a giant pot of fag soup myself. But those times are far and few between. The thing is, you just don't know who's been in there. Aside from all the diseases you can catch while bathing
recreationally such as Shigellosis, E. coli, Leptospirosis, Giardiasis, Cryptosporidiosis, Schistosomiasis, Hepatitis A, Norwalk virus or Epidemic Viral GastroenteropathyNaegleriasis and Acanthamoebiasis, Dracunculiasis... etc...etc.. What if someone with a diarrhea condition was just in there? That's gross enough. And I believe that can give you pink eye.

 Now, anyone who knows me will have to cry Hippycrite on this one because I just purchased a hot tub. A giant swim spa that I plan to use as a cool down after bike rides. However, just to be clear, this is not a public unit. Nor will children, old people or nymphos be granted entrance. When it comes to public hot tubs, we need to know the history. Because you're not just bathing with the people you're bathing with. You're bathing with every person who's shared that water. Have fun! ... Not so fun meow, is it?

In the new world, all hot tub bathers will be required to sign into a hot tub database and your picture and medical history will be on display on the hot tub monitor.



  1. I agree, nothing is quite as unnerving as watching the ol' "poached egg" or "Man O'War" float by...I ask you, my friend - is Bromine enough ?? I think not !!

  2. Went to a winter hot tub party once in which 4 guys sat in the hot tub all night. Regardless of how unhealthy this is for you, i talked to the owner the next day who said that he literally had a film of skin covering the entire surface.of the hot tib. Gross

    1. That's what I'm talking about! The concept of sitting in nice hot water on a cold day sounds nice, but think about it... actually it's too early for me. I'm blocking it out.

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