Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Rule #113: Jealousy

Jealousy... The green eyed monster! He'll get ya'.. What a kookoo emotion. Typically, it refers to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety. It's the powerful complex of emotions experienced at the loss, real or imagined, of something or someone you believe is yours. Crikey! What a complicated emotion.  Jealousy is a familiar experience in human relationships.

 If I were asked prior to researching for this post, I would have said it's a learned condition that we're all taught. It's ingrained in us through learning to be better, stronger and have more than everyone else. However, It's been observed in infants as young as 5 months. So that blows my theory to shit.

 It seems we're born with it. So there must be some reason that we have it. It's been around forever and I don't see it going anywhere. Perhaps we were intended to harness it's power for good instead of evil. Or, maybe we were just supposed to figure out why it's not spelled "jelusy" like it sounds. Irregardless, confronting it and dealing with it must be our focus. The new world must not be over run with jealous people acting like Woody every time a Buzz Lightyear shows up on the scene. Or acting crazy because your spouse starts hitting the gym and gets in better shape than you. Get it in check, man.

In the new world, a lesson in handling jealousy will be incorporated in Rule #1.

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