Monday, 14 September 2015

Rule #115: Dine and dash

 Aint nobody love to fuck the man like me. I mean, if you make a shit ton of cash and I frequent your establishment (which I often do) and pump a fuck load of my hard earned cashola into your deep pockets, then I have no problemo taking an extra drink or free beer here or there. However, when a waitress screws up or there's an opportunity to bail on a bill, it aint the man you're sticking it to, it's your server. She takes the hit. Not the man. That aint right. There's no incentive for bar owners to correct the problem. They put it all on the server. Well fuck that. If you start a business, you should assess all the risks and if there is a potential to get ripped off, figure out how to prevent it. Don't make it the responsibility of your minimum wage employees. They aint got time fo' dat!

In the new world, bill shortages will be the responsibility of the bar owners, not the servers!



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