Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Rule #121: Commercial space travel

 I love it! Isn't it great that we've found such creative ways to entertain the bored, rich folks. Who cares if we have to sacrifice OUR air and OUR water to do it. I will not rest until every bored, lazy douchebag with too much money gets their fat, star trek loving, over consuming ass into MY atmosphere.

 Truth be told, I'd love to take a trip to the moon, or wherever they go. Who wouldn't? It sounds like a blast. Unfortunately, continued flights to space will have an impact. 
 According to the American Geophysical Union, 1000 space flights per year could raise the temperature in Antarctica 0.8°C and reduce polar sea ice by 10% all on their own. The soot deposited by the space craft in the stratosphere runs the risk of becoming a permanent atmospheric feature. Regular space flights would deposit that soot in the atmosphere, the earth rotates under it, and a band of carbon hangs permanently over that latitude. Not only will it cool that entire section of the globe by as much as 0.7°C, it will alter all the weather patterns around it. These in turn will alter others, and the world will change. All for a few thousand people getting to enjoy a suborbital flight.

 I've read that some people think these predictions are somewhat inflated. There is no doubt however, that commercial space travel will have environmental consequences. Everything costs. A day trip to space could cost more than WE might be willing to pay. Certainly more than I'm willing to pay! Space exploration is bad enough. This is simply not necessary.

In the new world, there will be no space travel until it can be done with green technology.


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