Friday, 4 September 2015

Rule #125: Olympic race walking

 Is this the dumbest sporting event I have ever seen? Let me put it this way; I'd rather watch baseball or soccer. Maybe even tv poker. Well let's not go that far, but come on, man! I mean, what is the great human feat, here? Most sports are a test of our agility, strength or how far you can throw something. This sport basically tests how fast we can get somewhere without actually doing that which would get us there the fastest—running.

 There are many stupid sports at the Olympics, but I think this one is tippest of the top of dumb pile. Not only is it a measure of ... of... what the hell is it a measure of, exactly? If you're the olympic gold medalist of weight lifting (which is also stupid) at least it proves you're strong. If you're the winner of this sport it proves that you look like a retard when you walk and you can get to all the red light specials at Wal-mart before the blue hairs. Congrats!

In the new world, race walkers will be chased down by runners and given a swift kick in the ass to wake them up.


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  1. Retard is not politically correct it is


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