Thursday, 3 September 2015

Rule #126: Bispellingism

 Any 'Mericans who read my posts probably think I'm at least a little retarded. OK, maybe full retard. But part of the reason is a misunderstanding that we Canadians spell certain words differently. But I think It's time we commonize the spelling of words between Canucks and 'Mericans.

 Not to be confused with bilingualism, the issue of bispellingism is focused on words of the same language that are spelled differently in different countries. Specifically the English language  as shared between “my home and native land” and “the home of the brave.” On behalf of all my fellow Canadians I will confess that we shit the bed on this one. What is it with that fucking U?
Neighbour, Labour, Colour, Favour, Flavour...
As a Canadian writing in programs with spell check, I’d have to say that all spell check programs must have been created by the ‘Mericans

 I got a U for ya, FUCK U! Actually I guess I mean fuck us. Really, I suppose I mean fuck whoever wanted a U in every fucking word in the Canadian English vocabulary. I'm thinking the French had something to do with it.
 How do the 'Mericans say it without the U? FUCK O!??? Not ideal, but better than spelling every other word with a u.

In the new world, the English language will be fucking commonized.


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