Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Rule #99: Receptionists

 If I fail at my job, there's consequences and repercussions. If you're the Walmart greeter, and you scowl at everyone, your days as the Walmart greeter are probably numbered. If you're the security guard at the airport and you stare at the ceiling with your feet on the table, waving everyone through, I'd say your next couple of moves in life are Walmart greeter then unemployment. In my opinion, receptionists have a bigger responsibility than making appointments and collecting payments. They're the front line in the war on mean, disrespectful behaviour. Think about it. If you're off to a shitty start of a day and you run into a rude receptionist at your first appointment, what's that going to do to the rest of your day? Now imagine the same scenario only with a kind, friendly smiling receptionist. EH? EH?.. That's a little better, right. That can change your whole outlook on the day. Which could create a ripple effect that can affect every interaction you have that day.
If a receptionist treats you un-nicely, they have failed at their job. This is part of the old world mentality. The New World will not tolerate un-nice people. No more mean people. Especially our front line workers.

In the new world, we are all going to treat each other with respect and kindness, including receptionists, who will be trained in psychology, AND paid accordingly.


  1. Monday morning, i answer the phone and get screamed at just because i answered the phone. This is generally the reason you may find a grumpy receptionist first thing in the morning.... The beginning of the trickle effect. It os agreed, however, that the receptionist should always be friendly and courteous... That is probably the main reason they were hired. I do like the point about being paid accordingly (hot trophy girlfriend, take note of this : ). It is really hard to maintain a smile and overall positive demeanor some days.... People can be assholes and many of them are just crazy. Good rule, however.

  2. Hang in there. We need people like you on the front line. And watch out for the crazies. They'll get ya'.


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