Thursday, 29 October 2015

Rule #70: Lights on bicycles

Unless you think you're the Dark Knight or some other street dwelling, night stalking crime fighter, you should want to be seen. Especially while riding a bicycle. Statistics show that 40%-60% of bicycle/vehicle collisions happen during the hours of darkness. That's significant considering there's much less cycling activity on the roads at night. It blows my mind when I see cyclists cruising through the city at night on a black bike wearing dark clothing without a light. They're practically invisible. You have to strain your eyes hard to pick them out. Don't they realize that biking in broad daylight is dangerous enough? Fighting traffic, negotiating construction, playing chicken with women.., I mean drivers texting. It's a jungle out there. I'd rather kick Chuck Norris in the nuts than ride at night without a light.
If anyone ever ran me over at night it would have to be a deliberate act. I'm more visible at night than I am in the day. I've got lights on the front and back of my bike. Lights on my valve caps. Occasionally I have a light on my helmet and knapsack. Not to mention reflective shit all over the place. I'm like the Vegas strip on wheels. I ain't takin' no chances. Cyclists need to realize that many drivers inherently hate them to begin with. You don't need to give them any more ammo to use against you.

In the new world, all bikes will come with lights.

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