Thursday, 22 October 2015

Rule #77: Searching for space aliens

According to Hollywood, alien life forms seem to be a shit-ton smarter than us, so if they want to find us, they'll find us. I say stop wasting money and resources on trying to find them. The amount of money wasted on trying to contact alien life forms is astronomical (pun intended, thank you). Mostly private money, but it could still go to better use.
Even if there is life out there, why would we want to find it? We can't get along with each other as it is. Are we running out of people to hate? And what if we find aliens and it turns out they eat humans? So they start farming us like we do with cattle. Maybe cattle ruled the earth and we were the aliens that cattle reached out to a million years ago? Did you ever think of that? Now the cows are all like
"Moo... we really fucked that up,.. moo."
Or even worse, what if they're looking for work? Now we've got aliens in the unemployment line, at the soup kitchen...

You know what? I wish everyone would just relax. We're bored. That's the problem. Take a look around. Hey rich people, you see what's going on around you? Child abuse, pedophiles, global warming, snowblowers, male pattern baldness, etc..... We can't invite strangers into our house until we clean it up. Can you imagine what they'd say about us? "You should see the little blue / greyish planet down the way, no wonder galaxy values are tanking."
Don't worry, if ET calls, we'll pick up.

In the new world, we'll fix our own problems before we search for new ones.



  1. That may take a while then.

    In the meantime, let's eat a few more cows.

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if we've been visited already if half of the reports by military and commercial pilots, police officers and many others from around the world are true.

  3. Very nice need to explore beyond our own atmosphere as long as we're incapable of taken care of that atmosphere:S


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