Monday, 19 October 2015

Rule #80: Dooring

I'm not addressing this because I'm a cyclist and it's not my fault they gave it a stupid name but in a world where we promote healthy living and sustainability, it's an issue that requires attention because bicycle commuting is a big part of those values. Dooring is when the door of a parked or stopped car opens and hits a cyclist riding by. The only thing that's new here is the name... DOORING! The concept has been around as long as roads, cars and bikes have been interacting. Cyclists are more aware of it because they know the result of connecting with a car door at 25kph is less than ideal. In fact, many people are hurt or even killed by this every year. The problem seems to be awareness.

I think common sense dictates that we have a look to see if opening our car door will obstruct any traffic - Pedestrian, car, bike or other. At the very least we don't want our door damaged by a passing car. But the person at the highest risk is the cyclist. A passing vehicle can take your door off and a passing pedestrian could sustain a nasty bump. But a bicycle Slamming into an open door at 25k would not be a subtle interaction. This is more prevalent than I realized. In Toronto, for example "motorist opens door in path of cyclist" collisions were 11.9% of all reported car/bike collisions in 2003. And that was 10 years ago.

What it boils down to is creating an awareness. Our current system of Implementing a dangerous situation and not telling anyone, doesn't seem to be working. For example, don't put bike lanes in the path of potential open doors without letting everyone know there's a hazard. Or perhaps we should be following suit with cities like Chicago. The current government is proposing a $1,000 fine for dooring a cyclist (in Toronto it's currently $85). As well as placing stickers on the rear passenger windows of every cab in the city, saying “Look! Before Opening Your Door." These are good ideas as long as we're careful the increase in fines is not used as a revenue generator for the city.

In the new world, bike lanes will be wide enough to include any potential hazards that may be encountered in said bike lane.



  1. You're just trying to bait me, aren't you ??!!!
    I elect to cease and desist on this one...fuck....can't do it....TAKE YOUR TREE-HUGGIN' ASS AND MOVE TO MANILA ! THEY LOVE BIKES !! FUCKIN' LOVE 'EM !!! CAN'T WAIT TO DOOR-FUCK YOUR ASS NEXT TIME I SEE YOU !!!...GEEZ !!

  2. Well, that's just like, your opinion, man. And you're entitled to it. Your comment is appreciated and I'll take it under advisement. Manila, eh? Are you allowed to drink and bike there?


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