Friday, 16 October 2015

Rule #83: Cable television

This is a message to the cable companies; Just because you can supply 1000 channels of shit, doesn't mean I'm interested in 1000 channels of shit. My cable package gives me access to 1000 channels of absolute shit. I could get away with 5 channels; News, Family guy, sports... actually that's about it. So I guess I only need three cable channels.
But because of the way they package and bundle their shit, it makes economical sense to buy the shitty 1000 channel package. So I'm paying for 3 channels that I occasionally watch, and 997 channels of shit that I surf through when I'm bored. And now with entertainment providers like NetFlix, I don't really need to watch family guy on cable with commercials. So the only thing I'm paying for is news and sports. That's all I need from my cable company. If you give me a news channel and a sports channel, I'd be happy. Come to think of it, any sports I want to watch will probably be on a TV at a friends house or at the bar. So now I'm back to one required channel. News! And actually, I can get any news I need on the interwebs. So I guess I don't need cable. I'm cancelling my cable tomorrow. WHO'S WITH ME?

In the new world, television programming will be sold on a pay per channel basis. $2 per channel.



  1. Totally agree with you, I really recommend other to read this article .

  2. Ha Ha Ha. I also agree with you.


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