Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Rule #85: Organic farming

The concept of organic farming is not new. As a matter of fact it's un-new. What we're really talking about is trying to get back to producing food the way did before the introduction of chemical pesticides and mechanized farming practices. The word "organic" has become a corporation catch phrase. A neat concept that allows farming corporations to triple the prices of food based on claiming to farm organically. Organic, by the way, doesn't mean pesticide free, better for the environment, healthier etc... There's arguments surrounding all these issues.

What the common consumer (like myself) think of when we see organic is an all natural, environmentally responsible food production process. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Organic pesticides just mean not "synthetically" produced. Plant based pesticides are not always safe either. And they aren't as regulated as synthetic pesticides. If I had to choose between plant based and synthetic pesticides, I'd go plant based all the way. But I'm probably not the only one against adding DDT or ammonium nitrate to their diet. Two chemicals, by the way, that were originally developed for warfare in WW2. It's just the lesser of two evils.

One big problem with food production is demand. In order to perfect farming - organic.. natural... whatever - we first have to control our population growth. We could perfect farming today in order to sustain 7 billion people. But then everything has to change years down the road when we have 10, 12... 20 billion mouths to feed. In order to realize this, we will have to refer to rule #1. 

We, the people aren't interested in organic farming or any other loosely regulated weak attempt to make things look better. We want natural, responsible, world conscience food production based on need, health and the environment.

In the new world, natural and responsible farming will be the norm. Self regulated by people who actually give a shit!


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