Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Rule #86: Escalators

That's right. I have a problem with escalators. Well, not escalators themselves, but more how people use them.


  1. Increase rapidly.
  2. Become or cause to become more intense or serious.
Based on the definition, it would seem that an escalator is designed to speed things up. So why is it then, that people stop walking on an escalator? Instead of walking up the escalator like they would on a normal set of stairs in order to increase rapidly, some people choose to stand there and let the escalator do all the work. In essence, halting the escalation process. You're just... standing. Basically using the escalator as a tool of laziness. And you gotta love getting stuck behind an entire family of lazy people. There's nothing better than being in a hurry and getting stuck (with your face at ass level) behind the king and queen of laziness and their fat kid smirking at the fact that they don’t even have to walk anymore. At least stand to one side, or is that too much of an effort too?!

In the new world, unless you're really hungover or otherwise debilitated, everyone will keep the escalation process going by continuing to walk. Otherwise, the escalator just becomes a continuator.

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