Friday, 9 October 2015

Rule #90: Installing tracking chips in pets

Have you heard of this? Veterinarians install small tracking chips in pets so the owners can track them if they run away. It sounds like a nice idea... If you're living in a sci-fi movie set on the planet whatthefuckaturn.

Doesn't anybody think it's a little fucked up? Tracking chips? More like Dictatorchips. If you had said to a pet owner back in 1952 that you had a tracking chip installed INSIDE of your dog, they'd have looked at you kinda funny, with that "what da' fffffffffffuck you takin' bout'? look and said "Don't be talkin' that shit while I'm watchin' Jack mutha fuckin Benny"

Apparently we care more about our pets than we do our kids. 18 gazillion pets have tracking devices installed, but not a single child. What does that say about our priorities? We want to know exactly where Rex is, but who cares if Sally or Bobby makes it home from school. Come to think of it, I guess we do have tracking devices for kids. It's called a cell phone. We don't use it as such, but it has the technology. And try to find a student without one.

And what about pet privacy? Would you want your every move tracked? What if Rex goes next door to visit Fifi? Maybe he'd like a little privacy. He doesn't need the whole satellite tracking workforce investigating his chips rapid back and forth motion. Back in my day, if your pet ran away, it got hit and killed by a car, the way God intended for stray animals to meet their maker.

In the new world, pet owners will look after their pets and pet detectives will track lost pets.


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