Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Rule #92: Dripping gas pumps

 There's only one thing I like about pumping gas. The smell. I love the smell of gasoline. Is it just me or does everyone like it? That's not important. My point is, that's where the enjoyment stops. As a bicycle commuter, I despise stopping at the pumps. Especially when gas is cheap. Due to the fact I don't drive much, combined with the fact that I drive a fuel efficient four banger means I don't need much fuel. So I don't mind paying 3 cents more than usual to avoid the line ups.

 But why, pray tell, can we not develop a pump nozzle that doesn't drip? It's like all the pumps have some form of STD. It doesn't matter how many times you shake it, it still drips. I do whatever I can to prevent this. I leave it in for a while, give a little shake and even throw in an obligatory twist (I'm talking about the gas pumps here, not using the can at Oktoberfest). But no matter what I do, I still end up getting at least one drop on Trix's hind quarter (That's TRIX, NOT Trixie). Well it's time to administer some petrol penicillin for that drip!

In the new world, gas pumps probably won't exist as a result of re-allocating space exploration resources to developing green technology. But in the meantime, gas nozzles will be equipped with non-drip mechanisms.


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