Sunday, 4 October 2015

Rule #95: Composting

 This seems as foreign to people as doing an indian rain dance on the moon, yet it should be as common as returning beer bottles or buying shoes. And everyone fits into one of those categories. Or both, as is the case with my smokin' hot trophy girlfriend.

 Think about it. Your veggies are produced magically from the ground, so why not put the waste right back where it came from? The ground wants it. It actually turns it into more soil. It makes no sense to take it from the ground then tie it up in non-biodegradable plastic bags and send it to landfill where it will sit for 20+ years.  Them compost machines is amazin'. I've had one for years. I keep filling it up and it just keeps on eating whatever I feed it. Too bad we don't have this kind of technology for barky dogs or cigarette butts. Wouldn't it be nice to throw everything you don't want into a plastic bin and watch it disappear? It's like a transporter of waste. I'm not suggesting we start filling plastic bins with our neighbours dogs! I'm saying it would be nice IF, we had that capability. Which we don't. So don't do it. Irregardless, Here's some tips for home composting:

1.) DO compost fruits and veggies and yard waste.
2.) DON'T compost meat, fat and your neighbors dog.

In the new world, everyone will compost.


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