Saturday, 3 October 2015

Rule #96: Hazing

 In years past, hazing practices were typically considered harmless pranks or comical antics associated with young men in college fraternities. It has since evolved into sick, barbaric and sometimes illegal and deadly acts of  humiliation such as the ELEPHANT WALK...: Definitions of "Elephant walk" according to the Urban Dictionary:
   1) A group of males walks in a straight line, each person putting one thumb in their mouth and the other thumb inside the anus of the male in front of them.
  2) A group of males walks in a straight line holding onto the (erect) penis of the males behind and in front of them.
  3) A group of males walks in a straight line holding onto the (erect) penis of the males behind them while putting one thumb into the anus of the males in front of them

  None of these iterations sounds like an enjoyable evening, NOR an effective mode of transportation. What it DOES sound like is mentally defective assholes playing out their sick fantasies on other human beings. What kind of sick fuck makes other humans do shit like this? Beyond humiliating another human being and showing the world what a bunch of dicks you are, think about the type of adult you're creating. Some of these acts will psychologically affect the victim forever. Possibly turning them into closet abusers of their own children. And why is it that sodomy seems to be the hazers activity of choice? What happens these days is assault, abuse and rape.

Ladies and gentlemen, these are our future leaders. No wonder the worlds so fucked up!... Steve Bennett

I wonder how things changed from being harmless pranks to what it is today. Did it just happen during a conversation between 2 hazers?.. "Hey Bob, wanna haze the new recruits tonight?" "OK Dick, what are you thinking, get them to do our laundry?" "Nah, I was thinking we'd strip them, beat their bare asses for a while, then make them eat dog food and grab each others dicks while we sodomize them with all these household items I've gathered over here"...... (long pause).... "Tough childhood, Dick?"

You would think we'd learn, but students have been getting expelled for hazing since 1684, and still today students continue to be humiliated, burned, beaten, sodomized, forced to overdose and killed. It sickens me to think what these kids go through. I guess you have to be a parent to realize the gravity of the situation. Imagine your child being put through these so called "pranks". Ask Robert Champion or Mathew Carrington how they feel about hazing. Oh never mind, they're dead.

In the new world, hazing will not exist.

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  1. Think much more creatively instead of hazing and humilating!


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