Monday, 30 November 2015

Rule #38: Black Friday

I’m not arguing that it’s fun to watch “people” – for lack of a better term – turn against each other like wild animals for a perceived deal on a material product. With absolutely no regard for where that product was made, how it was made or any environmental impact that was suffered getting it here. But at the same time it’s sad to see what we’ve become. In a world where we’re supposed to be helping each other, we’d rather trample a fellow human being for a deal on some item made with slave labour in China.
I really don’t understand the whole concept to begin with. And round these parts, people actually leave their home country to join in that chaos. I don’t understand crossing the border to shop. I won’t even travel an hour down the road to the biggest city in Canada for a deal. I live in a city that has stuff. Anything I need should be here (unless it’s a can opener NOT made in China. I’m still looking for one of those). But for me to leave the city I live in to shop for something? it would have to save me a shit-ton of money. And there’s no way I’ll fight anybody for anything. Maybe I’m too passive, but I don’t see a need to fight or even line up for anything. As I’ve said before, I avoid gas stations when prices are low so I don’t have to wait.
Friday is supposed to be a holiday in the U.S. On a day that has reported assaults, fights, mobs, stampedes and even deaths, why would you want to spend your day off fighting that shit? And what was it exactly you were giving thanks for yesterday? Not to mention with all those crowds you have to be in contact with a plethora of potentially dirty people. Doesn’t sound like fun to me. I'll have to bow out of the Black Friday madness (unless the beer store gets involved, then I'll reconsider).
For now, I guess I’ll continue my tradition of eating a turkey leg in my underwear in front of the T.V. with a few beers on the day after thanksgiving. I doubt there’ll be any crowds fighting to get in on that action.

In the new world, the Black Friday mentality will be left behind.



  1. I stopped christmas shoppong for this exact reason years ago when a lady got physical with me in walmart over the last toy on the shelf.... North americans lost the spirit of the holidays years ago when retail commercialized everything about the holidays.
    We were talking about the black friday chaos this weekend. Some people dont mind the chaos, but what about people that simply want to run our regular errands? We dont have a choice but to subect ourselves to the chaos just because we ran out of milk or needed a toothbrush. They should segregate black friday and other crazy sales events to one location so that the normal people who dont mind paying regular prices to avoid the lineups and craziness can go in, get their shit and go...

    1. On days like Black Friday, I reserve myself to the house or local pub. No fighting crowds for this dude.


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