Sunday, 29 November 2015

Rule #39: Car lock horns

Car alarms are bad enough. As I’ve said before, you never hear a car alarm when a car is actually being stolen. It’s just an annoying pain in the ass. Just as pain in the assish, is the lock horn. You know, when someone activates their door locks remotely and the car has to give a little horn blast of confirmation. What could possibly be the purpose for this? Is it really necessary to alert everyone around to the fact that you have just successfully locked your car? It’s fucking annoying. And must be stopped.
Most cars give a subtle blink of the lights. I submit that, that is enough. Why is a loud audible notification necessary? Is it for the blind community? So they know when they have succeeded in locking their doors after they drive home? Well I hate to point out the obvious, but blind people and driving is about as crazy as blind people and puppy tossing. It make a no sense.
This is just another poorly thought through, unnecessary gadget. My smokin’ hot trophy girlfriends car has this feature and every time she locks her doors and that sound of contention hits the air, I give her a heaping helping of irritation, followed by a warm bowl of indignation and finished off with a lovely exasperation soufflé. Not a comfortable meal to sit through. It’s time to take these annoying tools of the devil off the menu.

In the new world, there will be no audible horn blast for door locks.


  1. What's great is the automatic trunk opener button. I like to mess with people and press it as they are trying to lock their car - love the looks of confusion...

  2. I think this is a great innovation.Safety is very important for all sides.


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