Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Rule #44: Bad relationships

Bad relationships cause a multitude of social problems. From violence, alcoholism, child abuse (physical and emotional). The emotional baggage children carry can create long lasting psychological scars that could possibly be passed down through generations. Not to mention how uncomfortable it is hanging out with a couple who are just not digging each other anymore. I hate that.
Why do we stay in bad relationships? We generally know when we’re done. A constant depression coupled with no communication, no joy, no laughter, no physical contact, no love, spending evenings waiting for your partner to go to bed so you can whack off to the twenty-minute workout (not that I’ve ever been in that situation). But despite the telltale signs, many of us continue to stay in relationships that have clearly run their course. It’s hard to say why exactly, but here are the obvious reasons. It’s comfortable or familiar, for the kids, finances, fear of being alone etc…
Identifying bad relationships can be easy;

Good relationship;

  • Woman: “Hey, can I try that beer?”
  • Man: “Sure” – (passes beer to smokin’ hot trophy girlfriend)

Bad relationship;

  • Woman: "Let me try that beer!"
  • Man: "I asked you if you wanted one of these when we ordered. Why do you always have to do that? Now, I don’t feel so bad about banging your sister!"
Ahem...Check, please...
We’re all going to have to take some responsibility for this. Simply being in a good relationship is not good enough. It’s up to all of us to identify and terminate bad relationships. Too often we turn a blind eye and say nothing because we don’t want to tell our friends that their girlfriend is a bitch. Well I got news for ya Jack, you’re not doing them any favours. They will realize it someday, and when they do, they’ll look at you and say “Why didn’t you tell me?” Then you’ll have to sip your beer uncomfortably and shrug your shoulders knowing you could have prevented the emotional and financial distress your friend is now experiencing. I could be wrong, but I think women have a better handle on this. For some reason, I picture chicks very readily saying, "Girlfriend, why are you with that bum? You could do so much better."

In the new world, bad relationships will be terminated.

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