Saturday, 21 November 2015

Rule #47: Vertical housing

I used to live in “vertical housing” once upon a time. Only back then we called them apartment buildings. Why does everything have to have a fucked up name nowadays? Wal-mart doesn’t have “box boys” they have “associates”. Schools don’t have janitors they have “janitorial technicians”. Whatever dude.
There’s a huge focus on urbanization these days. The concept is to restrict urban sprawl in an effort to contain the population where public services already exist. There’s also an environmental and economic benefit. The Newfies
had this figured out in the sixties when they initiated the resettlement program. Between 1965 and 1970, 16,114 people from 119 communities were resettled from remote areas to larger, more accessible communities of the island.
I listened with some amusement yesterday to a report that indicated children had to be bussed past local schools because “vertical housing” had created a school overflow problem. I’m sitting there thinking … “No Shit”. This must have been a very difficult equation for someone. I can see the number crunchers sitting at a big oak table looking at a drawing on a white board. All of them scratching their heads as they stare at a picture of a 1,000 unit building beside a three bedroom house trying to figure out which one could hold more school aged children. What a bunch of dumb dumbs.
In the new world, if we urbanize communities, we’ll build enough schools to accommodate the population.

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