Thursday, 19 November 2015

Rule #49: Cup and mug design

I like to think I know my way around a dishwasher. I’m not bragging. It’s not something that’s really brag worthy, to be honest. But after many years of trial and error, I’ve finally figured out how to load a dishwasher so nothing flips over and fills with water. I can confidently check that off my list of shit I need to figure out.
However, I still get extremely pissed off every time I empty the machine and I have to empty the water out of the bottom of the cups and glasses. Why the shit would anyone make a glass that’s able to hold liquid when it’s upside down? It’s not like you can fill it with booze and use it as a reserve when your drink is done. Although, that would actually be pretty handy. This serves no purpose. The concept seems pretty simple to me. Make the bottom of the damn glass flat! It’s like the manufacturers are just fucking with us. I can see them now, giggling away in their factories in China. Raffing at the thought of us spilling dirty water all over our clean dishes on the bottom rack.
Well that’s it! There is some shit up with which I will not put! I say we all take those crappy mugs and smash em’ in the street. Come on everybody; join me in ridding the world of these evil tools of the Chinese manufacturing underworld. Actually… don’t smash them in the street. Someone might get hurt or puncture a tire. As a matter of fact, don’t smash them at all because they’ll just end up in the landfill and I’m not cool with that. What we should do, is donate them to poor people. It would be a nice thing to do and they can’t afford dishwashers anyway. Although, they may have the same problem on the drying rack. Well at least they won’t have to worry about bits of food getting caked on during the drying cycle.

In the new world, the bottom of all cups and mugs will be made flat to avoid water pooling on the bottom in the dishwasher.

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